ANNO 1404
Gateway to the world

Anno Domini 1404

Admiral of the Crown

Achievements: 162


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Icon Achievements

... and a bottle of Rum

... and later on we'll put the Trade quarter over there

A Blaze of Glory

A hungry man has no conscience

A Stroke of Fate

A Tale of Two Islands

Ahead Warp factor one

All Roads lead to...

Always at your service!

Am I Croesus?

An adventure in mind

An extensive range

Animal lover


Arriba, Arriba, Andele!

Back to the past


Born to dance amongst the stars!

Bronze Adventurers' Medal

Call me Ishmael

Carnival, the fifth season

Children of the Desert

City air makes you free!

City of Dreams

Cultural handshake


Does the part also comply with the industry standard?

Don't panic!


Everyone starts off small

Failed Speculations

Fifteen men on the dead man's coffin

Food for the Fishes

From my cold, dead hands!

From rags to riches

Gold Badge of honour

Gold Council Coat of Arms

Gold Cross of the Metropolis

Gold Medaillon of the People

Gold Medal of Mammon

Gold Medal of the Diplomat

Gold Medal of the Elector

Gold Medal of the General

Gold Medal of the Guild master

Gold Medal of the Imperator

Gold Medal of the Master builder

Gold Order of the Treasurers

Gold Seal of the Orient

Gold Trader's Guild Badge

Gold Treasure Hunter's Medal

Golden Spoon

Green Thumb

Guardian of the Occident

Guardian of the Realm

Hammer and Anvil

Has anybody seen my Ship?

He hears the clock of death striking fitfully

How much time until it blows?


I am indebted to you

I can't sleep

I spy with my little eye

Imperial advertisement

Imperial seal in Gold

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite

Landed Gentry

Leave trading to the Boss

Let each believe his own the real ring.

Let's hope no time paradox occurred

Master of all Arms

Mine! All mine!

My other Ship has Cannons

Navy Cross in Gold

Nerd alert!

Noble insignia in Gold

Noblesse oblige

Now in 3D!

One of us! One of us!

Open your baggage please

Order of the Treasurer

Our patrol planes! Where are they?

Out of sight, out of mind

Pillars of the Earth

Risen from the Ruins


Save the Forests!

Saviour of the Realm

Scorched Earth

Seven voyages

Shadows over Rosecourt

Shady deals

Silver Order of the Stalwart

Silver Time Medal

Stone upon Stone

Stop the world!

Such fine ruffs!

Sun Tzu copied it from me

Swords of the Faithful

Take the Gold and leave me in peace!

Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!

The Accolade

The black Fleet

The Centre of the World

The dark side of power

The Emirate

The Freemasons' Lodge

The Gateway to the World

The golden age of the Hanseatic League

The good old days

The left and right wooden leg of the Devil

The legend

The Peasant Nation

The Quill is mightier than the Sword

The road map in your head

The Sea Dogs

The Ship Graveyard

The Silver Ship

Towering superiority

Treacherous Beauty

United we are strong!

Vitamin B

War is Hell!

Water soup again?

We are the People

We have no time to lose!

What a piece of junk!

Where is this Spy hiding again?

Who ever explored the depths of the abyss?

Why so serious?

Wish you were here!

Wolf in Robes

You fight like a Dairy Farmer!

You should have a stroll here

You would love to do that!

You! Will! Not! Sing!

Your Money or your life!

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